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On Saturday September 15, Super Typhoon Mangkhut struck the eastern coast of Luzon, the largest and most northern island of the Philippines, with devastating force.

With winds reaching 250 kilometres per hour, up to 4.3 million people are potentially at risk, with particularly vulnerable families thought to be impacted the most. Crops and homes are likely destroyed, threatening people’s livelihoods. Flooding and landslides are also expected to affect populations further inland.

Mangkhut is the most powerful typhoon to hit the country since Typhoon Haiyan in 2013, which resulted in more than 6,300 deaths and millions of people displaced from their homes.

Medair’s Global Emergency Response Team Mobilised

Medair’s Global Emergency Response Team has decided to deploy 4 of its members to assess the situation on the ground, and provide assistance as needed. An additional member is already in Manila.

The team is composed of shelter, logistics, communications, and emergency response distribution experts.

What you can do to help

  • Pray for communities affected, and families who may have lost everything.
  • Give now to support Medair’s emergency response, and other emergencies around the world.

Medair’s experience in the Philippines

In 2013, Medair responded to Typhoon Haiyan. Within 48 hours, Medair had sent its emergency team to assess the damage, and start a reconstruction project in communities which were completely destroyed. We remained in the Philippines until the successful completion of our recovery programme in 2016.

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