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When a family has lost everything, we push beyond our limits to help them.
This is our pledge.

But to make it happen, we need your support. Becoming a Medair partner is helping some of the most
vulnerable men, women, and children in the world: families that are affected
by natural disasters, conflicts, or forgotten crises.

Let’s change lives together!

Your support is essential to expanding the reach and impact of our actions.

By teaming up with Medair, you become partners with these vulnerable communities and help make a difference in their lives by giving them the life-saving assistance they need:

"I highly recommend supporting Medair. While visiting their projects in Lebanon, three things impressed me: the level of professionalism, the ability to adapt activities to the local context, and the passion of Medair teams in their work serving humanity. These three aspects combined create a truly lasting impact. " Stefanie B., after visiting one of our programs for Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

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Your support is essential to expanding the reach and impact of our actions.
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Tax Deduction

Medair is recognized as being in the public interest. Donations to Medair are tax deductible, depending on the law in your country of tax residence.

Donations made to Medair entitle the donor to a tax deduction in 19 countries in Europe, the United States, and Canada. Please contact us for the procedure specific to your country of tax residence.