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Medair UK’s partnerships with charitable Trusts and Foundations are vital to our work. Support from Trusts and Foundations has enabled us to provide relief and recovery services to millions of people in crisis over the years.

Why support Medair UK?

We will always go to the least accessible places – often in coastal areas, desert, jungles or mountains – if the need and suffering are there, and especially if other NGOs have not ventured to those extremes. With 30 years of experience across the world, we know that every second counts when lives are on the line, and we move fast to save people during emergencies and to bring relief where it is needed most. When your Trust or Foundation gives to Medair UK, you can be confident that the grant will contribute to helping the most vulnerable.

Your journey with us

We pride ourselves on building long term relationships with our Trust and Foundation partners. We value our partners’ support and engagement, and we are committed to the highest standards of accountability.

If your Trust or Foundation makes a grant to Medair UK, we will keep you informed with regular, personalised communications and reports about the work that we have been able to provide through your support. These updates include accurate, up-to-date information, photos and inspiring stories from our beneficiaries, so that you can see the lasting impact that your grant is having. We will also offer you invitations to exclusive events where you can meet international programme staff, learn more about humanitarian crises around the world, and engage with our work more closely.

How your Trust or Foundation can support us

We are currently responding to several major crises across the world: the Rohingya crisis in Bangladesh, the East Africa food and nutrition crisis and the Syrian Refugee crisis, among other ongoing projects across the globe. Since October 2018 we have also deployed a team of experts to Indonesia to deliver emergency relief supplies to the populations affected by the disastrous tsunami that struck Sulawesi Island at the end of September 2018.

A grant from your Trust or Foundation will provide vulnerable populations in crisis access to essential services including healthcare, nutrition, clean water, sanitation, and emergency shelter. As a guide:


will provide 40 children with the appropriate treatment needed for severe acute malnutrition for three weeks in South Sudan


will enable us to open a new maternal and reproductive health facility in conflict-affected countries such as DR Congo


will provide psychosocial support sessions for 340 Syrian refugees in Lebanon


will provide the appropriate treatment for 450 children with severe acute malnutrition and medical complications in South Sudan


will contribute to assisting 7,000 beneficiaries (2,000 households) through cash for work activities and shelter upgrades in Indonesia


will enable us to provide life-saving nutrition services to over 34,000 Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, with a focus on children, and pregnant and lactating women

At whatever level your Trust or Foundation kindly decides to support us, you can rest assured that your grant will enable Medair UK to use simple, sustainable solutions to transform the lives of millions of vulnerable people across the world.

What our partners say about us

“We work in partnership with Medair because of their integrity, creativity and their commitment to protecting some of the most vulnerable people in the world during crises. All We Can and Medair have a shared belief in the value of not only providing humanitarian aid but in strengthening communities – this approach is evident in all the work we have witnessed in countries including Somalia, South Sudan, Jordan, the Philippines, and most recently in Indonesia.”

Laura Cook, All We Can Communications Manager and Humanitarian Aid Coordinator

“Medair has a pioneer position in the field of innovative data analysis. By using modern technology, Medair coordinates and delivers emergency aid for Syrian refugees very efficiently. Humanitarian aid becomes more and more complex, making new innovative solutions pivotal.”

Tony Burgener, Director of Swiss Solidarity

Contact us

If you are involved with a grant-making body, or are aware of any that might be willing to support our work, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us at:

Lucia Zaupa, Engagement Manager – Grants

Adrian Gannon, Head of Engagement

Medair UK office telephone number: 020 8772 0100

Thank you

Medair UK has been supported by many Trusts and Foundations over the years. Every grant, no matter the size, makes an important contribution to our life-saving work. In particular, we would like to thank the following Trusts and Foundations for their support in recent years.