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Lausanne, Switzerland, 15 March 2018

On 21 March 2018 emergency relief and recovery organisation Medair as well as Tearfund and the Arab Center for Consulting and Training Services (ACCTS) will host an event at Al Marej clinic in the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon, to mark the beginning of collaboration with the European Union’s Madad Fund (EU Madad Fund) to provide health support to Syrian families who have fled the ongoing crisis.

More than 357,000 refugees have sought shelter in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley, many of them living in tented settlements on rented farmland. With the crisis in its eighth year, the level of funding available to support Syrian refugees is declining. Many families are simply trying to survive until they can return home.

With support from the EU Madad Fund, and to strengthen protection mechanisms for Syrian refugees and vulnerable communities in Lebanon, volunteers and community based organisations will increase awareness about the access to health services, and support the individuals’ capacity to cope with trauma. Moreover, Medair will assure high-quality, safe, reproductive health and psychosocial services in the Ministry of Social Affairs’ health facilities. This work complements Medair’s health programming in Lebanon.

Medair works in seven Social Development Centres located near informal refugee settlements in the Bekaa Valley to deliver a package of “Healthy Family, Peaceful House” interventions and messages through community health volunteers and community based organisations. Services include:  family planning, trauma care, and awareness of gender norms through workshops, focus group discussions, and health awareness events.

Medair is a humanitarian organisation striving to relieve human suffering in some of the world’s most remote and devastated places. We bring relief and recovery to people in crisis, regardless of race, creed, or nationality.

For more information about Medair’s Lebanon programme, please click here.

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Please contact: Lucy Bamforth, Regional Communications Officer, +962 (0)79 954 5525

About the EU Regional Trust Fund in Response to the Syrian Crisis (EU Madad):
The EU Regional Trust Fund is one of Europe’s key instruments for delivering on its € 3 billion pledge at the London conference on supporting Syria and the region. With contributions from 22 EU member states, amounting to over € 105 million, and contributions from various EU budget instruments, as well as Turkey, the fund has reached a total of € 1.4 billion to date. Projects focusing on education, livelihoods, health care, and water and waste-water infrastructure have already been approved, covering a total of € 1.222 billion. € 891 million have been contracted in projects to the Trust Fund’s partners on the ground.

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Photo by: @Medair/George Mghames
Alaa, Community Health Volunteer (holding book) conducts a health promotion session with Syrian refugee women in the Bekaa Valley, along with Farah Darwiche, Medair Health Officer (2017)