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For the past 30 years, with the support of our donors, Medair has responded to emergency and disaster situations. We go where there are few others responding. That has defined our operations from the start. And in Lent 2020 this is no different.

Just in the past month, torrential rains battered the northern part of Madagascar, affecting more than 126,000 people. 16,000 are now displaced and 36 have died. These numbers are expected to increase as waters recede.

With valuable support from donors like you, we have been working in Madagascar for 17 years, responding to various climate crises, severe drought and poverty.

This year, we are setting up a digital early warning system to alert communities to oncoming natural disasters like cyclones.

  • We will alert over 32,000 vulnerable people to oncoming cyclones and flooding through our digital warning system.
  • We will train 1,740 community representatives on early warning system implementation. They will take part in training sessions, simulation exercises and other capacity-building activities.
  • We will develop community evacuation and contingency plans in all villages of the six communes of Ambanja District.

At the same time, Jordan is a country struggling to cope with the impact of the crisis in Syria. Having welcomed more than 650,000 Syrian refugees, and with its scarce natural resources, the country is facing the challenge of hosting such an inflated population.

Refugees face the choice of returning to the dangers of Syria, risk trying to move to a third country or remaining in Jordan where the services provided to them are restricted.

This is where we come in.

In order to continue to save lives — not just in Madagascar and Jordan but in many other countries around the world — we desperately need your back-up.

Saving lives, strengthening communities
Your donation will help people who are suffering in humanitarian crises around the world.

£ 9

can provide two emergency water, sanitation and hygiene kits for survivors — to help them avoid commonly spread diseases after floods.

£ 24

can provide food for four families for one week during an emergency.

£ 42

can provide a community training workshop using puppets — to communicate good hygiene practices to people with low literacy rates.


can support a refugee woman to give birth safely in a health clinic.