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As the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic spreads around the world, the risks intensify for the vulnerable people Medair serves in disaster areas.

People already suffering in humanitarian emergencies, who may have survived war, displacement or natural disasters, now live in conditions which favour the rapid spread of this deadly virus.

They may be living in refugee camps where cramped living spaces and poor hygiene facilities mean self-isolation is not possible or will have minimal effect. They may live in communities where there are high malnutrition levels and other diseases such as HIV/AIDs, tuberculosis and malaria. These conditions will cause high rates of serious illness and death.

In the countries where we operate, health systems are fragile and over-stretched, and are already struggling to provide for the urgent needs of some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

These systems are not equipped to deal with a pandemic of this magnitude.

Photo: Members of Medair’s Shelter team build isolation facilities for an informal settlement in Lebanon.


With your support our teams will be able to:

BUILD isolation facilities for people showing symptoms of Covid-19.

TREAT patients suffering from Covid-19.

• TRAIN healthcare staff to identify suspected cases of Covid-19, isolate patients, care for them, and refer serious cases to specialised centres.

EQUIP staff in health facilities with personal protective equipment: surgical masks, examination gloves, hand sanitiser and safety goggles.

EDUCATE communities on protecting themselves from Covid-19, distributing critical information on disease prevention.

Your donation will help people suffering in humanitarian crises around the world.

£ 15

can provide an emergency hygiene kit for a family to help protect against Covid-19.

£ 32

can provide protective equipment for healthcare staff: 25 pairs of gloves, 3 face masks and 2 bottles of hand sanitiser.

£ 64

can provide a 1000 litre water tank to enable a family to have clean drinking water.


can provide two hand washing stations to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 within a community.