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DR Congo is home to a long-running crisis, but the nature of the crisis is changing, and humanitarian needs are escalating rapidly.

At the end of 2018, the UN estimated that the number of people in need of urgent aid was 13.1 million.

This is where we come in.

DR Congo now has more internally displaced people than any other African country. Families fearing violence flee to neighbouring villages or towns, where they often live in unsanitary conditions and are vulnerable to exploitation.

In many instances, people who flee lose the home and livelihood they left behind. Each day they struggle to meet their basic needs while worrying about health and security, and waiting for news about when it may be possible to return home.

An Ebola outbreak in Eastern DR Congo has added to the complexity: by December 2018, 458 cases of Ebola had been recorded.


How We Help

Rapid Responses

We continuously look out for emergency alerts, then quickly assess the needs, and launch tailored responses to reduce disease and deaths among people affected.


Ebola Response

Today, DR Congo is undergoing the second-largest Ebola outbreak ever recorded, presenting significant challenges never before faced because of its location in areas that are both remote and insecure. Medair is one of the international organisations leading the response and has doubled the size of our team in the affected area as we increase our efforts to contribute to the response.


Health & Nutrition

We help health facilities provide quality services to the most vulnerable based on who needs care rather than who can afford it. Specifically, we target health facilities in the hardest hit areas, where needs are higher due to disease outbreaks and population displacement.

Improved Sanitation, Hygiene, and Access to Water

We work in communities, schools, and health facilities to improve water, sanitation, and hygiene facilities and practices. This is vital to health facilities caring for patients safely, and halting the spread of deadly but preventable waterborne diseases such as cholera and other causes of diarrhoea.


In remote forest communities reachable only by foot, we build bridges and rehabilitate roads to facilitate safer and speedier travel, often enabling motorcycles to reach these communities for the first time. This opens up humanitarian access, while enabling people to reach the nearest health facility more quickly and widening economic opportunity through better access to markets. Other key infrastructures such as maternity wards are also built or rehabilitated.

Our Impact*


Patient consultations provided at Medair-supported health clinics


People gained improved access to safe drinking water


People received improved latrines or bathing facilities

*in 2017

Help us bring families suffering in remote D.R. Congo suffering the life-saving relief they need

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