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The massive explosion on 4 August in Lebanon’s Port of Beirut—the country’s capital—has thrown the city into chaos.

Right now:

  • More than 135 people have been killed and 5,000 people injured
  • 300,000 people are expected to be homeless because of the damage
  • Hospitals, already strained by COVID-19, are now completely overwhelmed and beyond capacity

This disaster is compounding the suffering of people in Lebanon who already face huge economic downturn and the global COVID-19 pandemic.

No country in the world is hosting more refugees per capita than Lebanon – a country of 6.8 million people is hosting an estimated 2 million refugees.

The country has been stretched beyond its capacity to cope with so many vulnerable families.

Medair teams are on the ground in Beirut, assessing the needs and bringing relief to the most vulnerable people.

Your gift today will help bring urgent relief to those suffering in Lebanon right now.

Update from Beirut