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This Lent, families are suffering in humanitarian crises worldwide. Each life matters. Please help.

In 2019, an estimated 132 million people will need urgent humanitarian assistance.*

In conflict zones people are being killed, wounded and displaced. Survivors are exposed to hunger, disease and trauma.

In areas prone to natural disasters, more frequent extreme weather events are having the greatest impact on the world’s poorest people. With homes and livelihoods destroyed, the need for emergency aid increases urgently.

The aftermath of Cyclone Idai in Mozambique. Photo: Food for the Hungry

Right now, 1 in every 4 children in the world is living in a conflict or disaster zone.*


Those suffering are often isolated and forgotten. They may live in remote, hard-to-reach places where many NGOs do not venture. We go to the least accessible places to reach the most vulnerable, because we believe each life is worth the extra mile.

*Source: OCHA Global Humanitarian Review 2019

"Medair is responding to an unprecedented number of humanitarian crises around the world at the moment. We are working in 12 countries, and expect to support the highest number of beneficiaries we have ever supported in any year in this Medair's 30th anniversary year." Neil Casey, Director, Medair UK

How Medair is responding

Our teams of doctors, nurses, engineers and others are delivering life-saving services such as:

  • nutrition treatment for malnourished and dehydrated children
  • psychological support to help survivors cope with trauma
  • vaccinations to protect communities from diseases
  • emergency shelter to provide families with immediate relief
  • water, sanitation & hygiene facilities to limit the spread of diseases

Please support our work. Your donation can make a difference.

This is how your donation can help those suffering in various parts of the world this Lent
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£ 15

can provide an emergency hygiene kit for a family to help prevent diseases

£ 32

can provide an emergency shelter kit to help a family survive

£ 64

can provide a 1,000 litre water tank to enable a family to have clean drinking water

other amount